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Parting the Clouds the Science of Martial Arts

Welcome to the official website for “Parting the Clouds: The Science of Martial Arts” by author and martial artist Grenville Harrop.

Parting the Clouds is not a typical martial arts book. Rather than only concentrating on showing you how a punch or kick should be performed it also shows why it should be done a certain way – to gain the speed and mass (or weight) needed to deliver maximum force.

It’s a book that takes an in depth look at the science and physics of martial arts. Kicks and punches and other martial arts techniques are critically analyzed and scientifically explained like never before; showing why the body is trained to be used in a particular way for maximum effect.

Parting the Clouds is considered a must have for any serious martial arts enthusiast, practitioner and instructor.

The book is now published and available on Amazon. For more information about the author Grenville Harrop you may visit the Author page.

Thank you for visiting the website. Please feel free to explore.  On here you will find many useful and thought provoking articles, links, and other martial arts text that go beyond the book – as well as news and updates from the author.

One Response

  • Lee W.Norris says:

    Is it possible, If I mailed with return postage. To have you sign this GREAT book. As a 73 year old who began my studies of karate in Japan in 1962 and has been a very large part of my life. Among the great number of how too,every once in awhile along come an author who REALLY has something to give.
    Thank You
    Sensei Norris ,Shinjitsu Dojo

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