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By Loren w Christensen VINE™ VOICE


 Okay, I’ve been called many names over the years but Science Guy has never been one of them. So when I saw “Science” in the subtitle of Parting the Clouds, I immediately thought that I was the last guy to be reviewing this text. But I took a deep breath and charged up my discipline developed from training in the martial arts since 1965, and opened the first page.

To my delight, I found Harrop’s book to be information rich and — oh so important to science slugs like me — highly readable, easy to understand, and just plain fascinating.

Finally, the answers, based on science, not speculation, rumor and guesswork, to such questions as:

Who hits harder? MMA? TKD? Kung fu?

What’s the power difference between a penetrating blow and a snapping technique? Or a high kick and a low kick?
How can you hit harder, faster and more explosively?

Can you hit hard without this information? Some might but most won’t. Can you double maybe triple your force, power and speed by applying the easy-to-understand laws of physics taught in this book? Absolutely.

Highly recommended for teachers, new students and veterans.

Loren W. Christensen, martial arts Masters Hall of Fame Recipient, 2011 


By Shinjitsu on January 8, 2014

Having been a student of karate for 52 years.I was alway interested in the science of how we generate our power. But was unable to find anything that explained our art in layman terms. Sensei Harrop book not only give us a scientific explanation. The fighter tips listed thu out book give both student and instructors great teaching points. Having a very large library of martial art books. This would be in the top 10% per cent of great ones. A must for every serious student and instructor.
Sensei Norris Shinjitsu Dojo

By DeSade on June 26, 2014

This book is a must for anyone who’s made The Martial Arts their life’s vocation.
I feel that we owe a huge debt of gratitude to Mr. Harrop for having created such an informative and helpful book. Trust me when I write that this is one book to have on your list of great books on The Martial Arts.

Thank you very much Mr. Harrop for your intelligence, wisdom, humility & for sharing them with us.

By     Eric K. Apollo           Great Resource

This is a great resource that showcases the science behind the mysterious world of martial arts. It will also help the practicing martial artist employ science to perfect their techniques.

By     Dr. G                          A Must Have

 If you are serious about martial arts, this book needs to be on your shelf! It is the real physics of any Martial art. As the author is a Shotokan karateka techniques used are Japanese Karate for the most part

By     Raymond Adams       A Must Have

This is a book that has been long overdue. It details the anatomical physics of martial arts techniques. It will clear up disputes that have lasted for many decades as to how a technique should be executed to generate the most power. It is a book that details the proper mechanics of traditional karate. Instructors and students can easily benefit from the many illustrations. It is a must have for all styles of traditional karate.

By Mario DiManno             A Great Book:

This book offers you non biased facts for any striking art. It definitely has a lot of useful information in there.

By Carl Webster                The best book yet

It was very informative, beyond any other book I’ve read and it helped me in taekwondo development. I recommend this book to any one that want to expand their knowledge in martial arts.

By Josh “meteryam”         A great resource

This book was brilliant, and exactly the sort of rational analysis I was hoping to read. It’s such a refreshing break from reading traditional dogma.

By clayj98                           A great addition to following your path

It is very refreshing to read a book about martial arts from a non-bias point of view. This is not a book that will tell you what style is better than another. But a great learning tool of WHY aspects of different actions work better in certain applications. It will educate you and possibly direct you where YOU will do best. If you are asking the question “why am I doing this”, Sensei Harrop does a great job of explaining the how and why of the physical mechanics of what we do and why we do something as we continue to walk our martial arts path. I highly recommend this book as a reference to becoming a better practitioner.

By: Fabrício Lisboa VerasPure physics

Book well prepared which unites the physical and martial arts, all very well explained and detailed. The author is so thorough that explains the formula and its possible outcomes according to the technique used, since punches, elbows, base styles and they are functional. Excellent recommend.

By:  Mario DiManno Great book,

This book offers you non biased facts for any striking art. It definitely has a lot of useful information in there.

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