About the book

This is a book that's long overdue: One that provides information that has never before been published, compiled and analyzed in a way that's designed to help fighters. This is a guide to the science of kicking and punching that can settle the debates about which techniques are the most effective and why. It will help a fighter to fight, an instructor to teach and martial artists to advance by working things out for themselves.

There is no magic involved in the martial arts. The force and power that is displayed by an expert fighter is the consequence of rigorous training in the accurate application of physical laws. Understanding how to use these laws of physics to create massive impact forces will provide a personal insight into the practice of correct technique and form.

This unique piece of work will act as a technical reference that provides the facts and figures that fighters seek, including records of the maximum force and speed achieved by some of the best present day warriors, helping to answer many of the most difficult questions in the martial arts.

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